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About Us

Since 1993, Anweshi has been bringing the revolutionary spirit to women’s empowerment becoming Kerala’s largest and oldest NGO in the field.


Our Work

From counseling and legal aid to speaking truth to power on issues that affect women, Anweshi’s work encompasses the protection, empowerment, and education of women and the larger society on the benefits of equality.



Donate and volunteer with Anweshi, and become a part of the Malayalee woman’s emancipation story.

Counseling and legal aid

Operating since 1993, Anweshi's psychological counseling center for women is the oldest of its kind in Kerala.

Anweshi offers psychological counseling and legal aid to abused and persecuted women.

Domestic abuse remains the most immediate challenge for women and girls in Kerala. Over the past three decades, Anweshi has worked hard to build its credentials and reputation as an organization which cares for abused women. Our team of veteran psychotherapists and Kozhikode's leading lawyers serve as the point of first contact for women trying to leave abusive relationships, and make them aware of their legal rights.

Where possible, Anweshi works with Kerala's acclaimed system of decentralized government bodies

Jagratha Samithi
Anweshi works closely with ward-level Jagratha Samithi (vigilance councils) set up by the Kerala Women's Commission. The committee refers victims of abuse in their wards to our counseling centers. Anweshi has been rated as an "A" grade service provider by the commission
Panchayat Committee
Over the past two decades, Anweshi has come to the realization that awareness about their rights is especially lacking among rural women. With this in mind, Anweshi has been working with over 30 village panchayats for over eight years. Anweshi's work ranges from sensitizing the panchayat members on the signs of abuse, to direct counseling and legal aid to the women in the distress.
Government approved
Anweshi's work is recognized and supported by the Directorate of Women and Child Development, Govt. of Kerala.

Short stay home

Anweshi's short-stay home at Muzhikkal in Kozhikode provides free accommodation and care for abused women and children of Kozhikode and surrounding districts. It has the capacity to house and provide physical and psychological nourishment to women and children as they rebuild their lives.

Education and activism

From running Malabar's largest library dedicated to feminism, to conducting adolescent workshops to teach boys and girls the importance of equality; from raising our voice against abuse and violence to using performance arts as a medium of awareness, Anweshi uses traditional and innovative means to speak truth to power, and promote the cause of equal rights for women.
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