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About Us

Since 1993, Anweshi has been bringing the revolutionary spirit to women’s empowerment becoming Kerala’s largest and oldest NGO in the field.


Our Work

From counseling and legal aid to speaking truth to power on issues that affect women, Anweshi’s work encompasses the protection, empowerment, and education of women and the larger society on the benefits of equality.



Donate and volunteer with Anweshi, and become a part of the Malayalee woman’s emancipation story.

Since 1993, Anweshi has been bringing the revolutionary spirit to women’s empowerment in North Kerala.

You can help us continue our crucial work.

Faced with unprecedented budget cuts from our government partners, Anweshi is looking for financial help to continue our crucial work helping the women of North Kerala.

Our most pressing needs...


Over the last three decades, Anweshi Women’s Counseling center has helped victims of abuse begin their journey to recovery. The primary focus is to provide reconciliation counseling for all parties involved in a case, based on information collected by Anweshi field workers. Every year, Anweshi intervenes in about 1000 cases of domestic abuse working with victims to make them aware of their legal rights, and increasing their confidence to stand up for themselves when similar situations arise in the future. Given our pathbreaking work in the field, the state government recognized Anweshi as a preferred service provider under the PWDV Act (2005).

Community workers

Anweshi community workers traverse over 30 panchayats and numerous city wards in North Kerala, enquiring about individual cases, organizing awareness programs, and intervening in support of victims through pachayat members and ward level "Jagrata Samitis". These feet on the ground function as our most crucial first point of contact with the most vulnerable women, collecting first hand information on individual cases, running awareness programs for women and children, and spreading the message of gender equality..

Short stay home

Anweshi's temporary shelter is the first of its kind in Malabar for women and children subject to physical and sexual violence or in imminent danger of being homeless. This asset built by Anweshi houses 40 to 50 women and children each year, providing them a safe shelter as well as food and medical care completely free. The objective is to provide temporary shelter while setting them up on a sustainable path to counseling, confidence building, and independence.

Awareness programs

Educating the larger community on gender equality has been a prime focus of Anweshi over the past three decades. Our local Anganwadi-based legal literacy and awareness programs drive home the importance of independent thought in adolescents and young adults. Anweshi also conducts programs and workshops for specific groups like health workers, NRHM (Asha workers) and panchayat level Jagrata Samiti members. Anweshi's awareness programs have been instrumental in helping the Malabar community break free from traditional gender stereotypes and regressive social systems.

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IFSC Code: UBIN0544183, Acc No.: 441802010200860
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Anweshi is looking for committed volunteers to face age old problems with the latest tools.​

Digital communicators

Use your knowledge of digital tools to get Anweshi's message across to women, policymakers, and sponsors.

Field workers

Interact with local governments, jagratha samithis, doctors and other first responders and help to address the root causes of violence against women.


Use your empathy and psychological training to mend broken lives

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