Sanghaditha Magazine

Anweshi launched its own magazine “SANGHADITHA” with an intention to etch out a distinct space in print for portraying expressions of women on all walks of life. The first issue of the magazine was released in December 2010. The chief editor of the magazine is a celebrated writer and activist, Prof. Sara Joseph and the managing editor is activist K. Ajitha. We aim through this work to bring new initiatives and also gathering together of a new talents and trends in the women’s movement. A group of talented women are in the editorial board- Dr. Jansy Jose, Deedi, C. S. Meenakshi , K.M. Sheeba, Dr.  Mini Prasad, Jyothi Narayanan, Dr. P. Geetha, Dr. Khadeeja Mumtaz, Suneetha T. V, K.K.Savithri and K.K. Preetha. Rajalakshmi K.M. from Anweshi is the executive editor.Twenty editions of the magazine have already been published and each one of them is been based on a specific theme concerning women.

Sanghaditha has started a new website which can be referred. Please visit:


Single subscription (within India)     Rs. 15
Yearly subscription (within India)     Rs. 150
Single subscription (outside India)     Rs. 100
Yearly subscription (outside India)     Rs. 1000



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